Germs, Disease, the Hygiene Hypothesis and Bechamp vs. Pasteur

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I have been re-reading Joel Salatin’s latest book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” and a statement he makes in there (p. 300) really corrects our messed up thinking about “germs” and disease. He says

“The point is that if I, as a beef producer, don’t feed grain and silage to my animals, even if your steak has some E. coli on it, you won’t get sick. For decades on our farm we’ve treated ourselves to ice cream bars after processing chicken. We’ve never even washed our hands. Guts to ice cream. Yum. We’ve never even gotten sick.”

Wow. Read Joel’s books if you want to understand this “radical” thinking. In short, Joel has found the key to eliminating almost all disease (in both humans and animals) by eating and living in accordance with nature’s designs. I’m not kidding. It is now my studied opinion that we all would have been better off if Louis Pasteur had gone into shoe sales instead of microbiology and we had listened to his rival Bechamp instead. Pretty good Bechamp link HERE. “Germs” are not the bad guys. It is living contrary to nature’s patterns (God’s designs) that is the problem. What Bechamp tells us is that microbes (bacteria and viruses) mutate to harmful forms because of the bad environment in the body caused by eating unnatural foods. Also, Google Hygiene Hypothesis for information on how most city folks are just way too clean. Oprah is now getting on board this new (but really age old) “diet and lifestyle cures diseases” bandwagon. She highlights remote people groups who live to be 100 with virtually no sickness. Blue Zones You can also go to for articles and books. Also LINK HERE


Ancient Chinese and Ancient Hebrews Worshipped Same God

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Awesome, amazing video about Genesis and the Chinese Language, presented by Pastor Kong Hee in Singapore (with Mandarin interpreter) … I was initially alerted to this video by two books by Ethel R. Nelson – “Discovery of Genesis” and “God’s Promise to the Chinese.” Pastor Hee is an excellent communicator and in my opinion does an outstanding job of explaining this topic. Recently I was able to watch this video with a native Chinese person who speaks Mandarin and who was able to verify the validity of this information.

Ancient Hebrew Hieroglyphics

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Coolest Bible study ever … I never knew before that ancient Hebrew used hieroglyphics (word pictures) … I had always heard of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but never Hebrew (Chinese also uses hieroglyphics) … My study of this (thanks to Ken Nair and his “Life Partners” marriage seminar) helped me to finally understand (after 22 years of marriage) the wife’s primary role in a marriage … No it’s not cooking and cleaning and cheer leading … It is “revealing the enemy” (the enemy being un-Christlikeness) which wars against her husband. See pic at left. Ancient Hebrew on left, modern on right. Enjoy. Here’s the Amazon link for the book …LINK HERE. So the ancient Hebrew word “ezer” literally means “revealer of the ‘ax man’ or enemy”, the idea being a military setting. Quite a different sense from the KJV translation of “help meet” and the modern interpretations of this.  The wife is a “watchman” designed to detect the slightest bit of un-Christlikeness in her husband. And boy is my wife good at this! Wow. So now that I understand this, I can appreciate my wife’s role much better and actually benefit from it, instead of getting irritated when she reacts against something I do wrong. As Ken explains, she’s SUPPOSED to react like that. That’s how God designed her! Amazing stuff. I wish I had learned this 25 years ago!

Weston Price: Natural Food = Health

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These “primitive” people at left have perfect teeth and perfect health, yet have no toothbrushes, no toothpaste, no dentists, and no doctors.  How is this possible?  I recently made a post about Joel Salatin and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, two people who are really having an impact on my thinking about food and health. My own eating habits have changed thanks to Dr. Joel Fuhrman and my view of agriculture has changed because of Joel Salatin. But one serious question remained in my mind about food and now, thanks to my reading of “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston Price DDS, my question is answered! Let me explain. The problem I was having was that on the one hand, Joel Fuhrman promotes a largely vegetable diet – leafy greens and fruits primarily – and recommends minimizing meat, dairy and grains. But on the other hand, Joel Salatin promotes a lot of meat eating and says things like “my eggs cure people.” How to reconcile these two different pieces of information. Enter Weston Price. (Recommended to me by Joel Salatin in his latest book “Folks This Ain’t Normal”). Price did a very comprehensive scientific study of “primitive” Continue reading

Desertification and How to Solve It

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DesertI have learned recently that all the deserts of the world are man made … caused by bad agricultural practices … overgrazing and tillage primarily. And they are spreading. I learned this by reading Joel Salatin’s books. He talks in his “Salad Bar Beef” book (p. 50) about how the Sahara Desert used to be lush and green in Homer’s day, but that bad agricultural practices caused it to be a desert today. He also talks about the American West and other deserts. He says that research on India’s Rajputana Desert indicates that by elimination of improper grazing, the earth’s surface will revegetate and cool, encouraging rains to fall. Here is an interesting link supporting this information that deserts are caused by MAN … LINK HERE. Apparently, the UN had a conference on Desertification in 1977 and conferences are continuing today. Here is an article on Israel’s efforts to solve this problem … LINK HERE, but … does the UN understand what Joel Salatin and the Rajputana researchers know? Not sure.

In thinking about implementing Joel’s “proper grazing management” solution to Desertification, the biggest question I have is WATER. How do you get water to the desert to irrigate pasture to get this perennial / herbivore / land healing system going in the first place? Well … interestingly … Muammar Ghaddafi (of all people) seems to have hit on something which at least might help … Google “Ghaddafi Man Made River Project”. I have read that there is something like 200 years worth of Nile river flow in these underground aquifers that Ghaddafi tapped. I haven’t done any calculations, but that seems like it could put a pretty big dent in regreening a whole lot of desert. Incidentally, here is an interesting opinion as to why Ghaddafi was killed. LINK HERE. Evidently he had other cool projects like launching a satellite to get Africa independent in their telecom, and starting a central bank for Africa with a gold backed currency.

Rajputana (Rajasthan) Desert links … HERE The foregoing paper also has some discussion of how albedo of the land affects the hydrologic cycle.  HERE is an excellent paper entitled “The Nature and Causes of Land Degredation and Desertification.”  The word “overgrazing” occurs all throughout the paper.  The authors give their opinion … “Our view is that desertification is a human-induced process of land degradation that can range in severity from slight to very severe and in cause from erosion to salinization to toxic chemical accumulation to vegetation degradation, irrespective of climate.”  HERE is a paper on the effect of albedo of the land (or water) surface on precipitation.

Joel, Joel, Antoine and Louis

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Joel FuhrmanThis article is about two guys in their fifties who are revolutionizing health care and agriculture – Joel and Joel. That’s Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Joel Salatin. And about a little known but profoundly important scientist – Professor Antoine Bechamp and his much more famous rival – Louis Pasteur. What the two Joel’s are doing is so profound, we really need trumpets to announce it, but I don’t have any, so I’ll make do with my humble blog. I first heard of Joel Salatin back in 1993 when a friend gave me a magazine that advertised one of his books. As the years passed, I kept hearing more about him and in 2008, went to his Field Day with 2 of my kids. Then in 2010, Joel wrote “The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer” and it was that book that really made me realize what a revolutionary thinker Joel really is. Joel is doing some really remarkable things with his farm. First and foremost, he’s Healing the Land. Joel is using herbivores and perennials to actually BUILD soil, in a time when the vast majority of other farmers are DESTROYING soil. That’s huge because one day if we have no soil, we won’t eat. Secondly, Joel is raising animals with no corn (cows aren’t supposed to eat corn), no antibiotics, Joel Salatinno immunizations and no chemical fertilizers. And his animals rarely get sick and he raises a lot of them. Last I heard his farm revenues were something like $2 million a year. So Joel Salatin is revolutionizing agriculture and healing the land.

Now in one of Joel’s books where he’s talking about animal health, he mentions a scientist by the name of Antoine Bechamp. And basically what Joel gleaned from Bechamp is that animals don’t need drugs to stay healthy, they just need their “terrain” to be controlled correctly. In other words, they must be fed the right food and managed the way God intended them to be managed. If they are not, then the microbes mutate and become virulent and animals get sick and die unless we medicate them heavily. So Joel took Bechamp’s advice and began moving cows around the pasture and letting them eat what they were designed to eat – grass. And since he does this, he doesn’t have to medicate and he has generally healthy cows. He takes a similar approach with chickens, hogs and rabbits. Brilliant. Why isn’t everyone doing this? Continue reading

World Record Tomato Production

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Huge Tomato PlantMy fascination with agriculture continues … How many lbs of tomatoes can you get from a single plant? I would have said 30 until last week … But the real answer is 342!! Just finished reading this book “How to Grow World Record Tomatoes” by Charles Wilber … Incredible! The picture is of Charles Wilber standing on a large step ladder by his tomato plants! The secret is to do it organically, that is, without chemical fertilizer … Wilber uses Kudzu compost and other organic mulches. He also uses indeterminate tomato varieties like Better Boy VFN and trains the plant to have 18 stems which are fastened to 3′ diameter X 5′ high cages stacked on top of one another to make a 15 to 20′ tall cage system. The only things I don’t like about Wilber’s system is digging the soil and making compost manually. I like Patricia Lanza’s “Lasagna Garden” system for soil building. For my 2012 garden season, I am experimenting with a 5′ x 5′ Lasagna bed made with alternating layers of shredded newspaper, peat moss, horse manure, hay and soil from an accidental Hugelkultur bed in my back yard. It’s accidental because it was formed by Curtis Clemons’ bulldozer 11 years ago when he cleared my back yard forest of smaller trees to make it look like a park. He didn’t know he was inadvertently making a Hugelkultur bed, but that’s exactly what he made and now I’m benefiting from it. What used to be a pile of brush and tree trunks is now a mound of beautiful humus full of earthworms and organic material. Google Hugelkultur for more info. I will finish my bed with some wood ashes and blood/bone meal. I wonder if digging some soil from where I buried our dead goat 2 years ago would work just as well as blood/bone meal? 🙂 I bought some red wigglers (earthworms) from the bait store and layered them into my 5′ x 5′ bed. My plan is to let the earthworms and friendly bacteria work their magic all winter, then hopefully set my own tomato production record next summer. I am thinking about “cooking” the bed by covering with black landscape fabric. Stay tuned for a full report!