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My name is Dave Hawkins. I got an electrical engineering degree 25 years ago because I love electronic gadgets but I was never a “real” engineer. I flew jets and helicopters in the Air Force instead. Then I went into business and that has been a fun ride – not quite as fun as flying upside down and pulling G’s or lighting the afterburners, but good nonetheless.   I am now a partner in two businesses – a business brokerage and an insurance restoration company.  I am also a board member for Kids4Truth International where I have also dabbled in writing poetry (of all things!)   With good teams in place running our businesses for the most part, I have time these days to research and write and discuss science and the Bible with scientists online.  My father was a Bible translator for the Wai Wai Indians of N. Brazil and S. Guyana and that is where I got my respect for the Bible.  The purpose of my blog is to produce articles about the Bible and Science that are not found elsewhere on the web. I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Dave Hawkins,
    I’m a retired mathematicians who studies ancient metrology as a hobby. Saw your question involving some of Lelgemann’s speculations about the schoinos. My research, entirely independent of Lelgemann’s, confirms Legemann’s position. At the moment I’m writing up my stuff to post on my (obsolete) web page. I thought you might be interested.

    I consider Eratosthenese to have been a brilliant librarian who may have dabbled in measuring, but mostly got his stuff out of “books” and was good at popularizing what he discovered so that others could understand. Egyptians were secretive. Greeks like to tell their inner thoughts to the world! So far as I can tell, the fact that the world was spherical — and had been surveyed — was known long before Eratosthenes. Stecchini (metrum.org) makes a good case for this.

    My research involves the ancient use of pendulums as instruments to define their length measures. Newton didn’t know it but his study of the sacred cubit is strong enough to tell us that it had a frequency of 54,000 cycles per sidereal day as a pendulum. (In spite of the fact that it is “common knowledge” that the sacred cubit does not occur in the Great Pyramid, there are exactly 2*729 sacred cubits in the base circumference of the GP. The ancient measures all show sexagesimal frequencies when used as pendulums. This creates interesting relationships between them. Lelgemann’s published relationships are ALL consistent with the hypothesis they they were originally standardized as pendulums.

    The English foot is a very ancient measure — and even the modern corruption of it swings with a frequency of 77,760 cycles per sidereal day. (The ancients used sidereal time for astronomy. Using solar time does not work.)

    The Eratosthenes cubit is 30 angulams in length where the angulam is defined as the 14th part of the pendulum that swings with a frequency of 86,400 beats per sidereal day. It is most certainly related to the schoinos.

    We give 40 million meters as the “canonical” value for the circumference of the earth. The ancients seemed to use a “canonical” 162 million Sidereal Second Feet as a “back-of-the- envelope” value for the circumference. This is certainly close to the truth. At Delphi (the third sacred latitude) the length of this foot is SSF = 0.246875m. Times 162 million gives 39,993,750 meters.

    The angulam is a “finger” of length defined as 1/14 of an SSF. In the Mesopotamian tradition, thirty of these make up the cubit of Eratosthenes, 18 of them the foot of Miletus, 15 of them the foot of Gudea, 28 of them (2 SSF) the old Arabic cubit by which Al Mamum’s surveyors measured the circumference of the earth.

    The number of angulams in the circumference is a “back-of-the- envelope” 14*162 million = 2,268 million. Divide by 252,000 stadia to get 9000 angulams per stadia. Divide by 300 cubits per stadia and we get 30 angulams per cubit, which is the length of the Eratosthenes cubit. The SSF varies by only half a percent from equator to pole, much less when confined to civilized latitudes. So we have no problem in estimating its length. At Delphi the angulam would be of length 0.246875/14 = 0.017634 meters giving the Eratosthenese cubit as 0.52902 meters.

    Now Lelgeman claims that 12,000 of those is a schoinos which would make it of length 360,000 angulams. Dividing 360,000 into 2,268 million angulams we get 6300 schoinos for the circumference of the earth,

    I suspect that a measure of 3000 (1/4th of Lelgemann’s schoinos) cubits might have been used — it would give the length of the meridian from equator to pole as 6,300 which fits well with the ancient practice of dividing the meridian into 7 sacred zones (7*9=63) — in this case each “sacred zone” would be of length 900*3000 Eratosthenes cubits.

    Warmly, Donald Kingsbury

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